Please go over this checklist, print the attachment, & complete it thoroughly before you leave your pet in our care. The time you take to complete this form can really make a big difference in how smoothly our visits will go:

  1. Make sure the pet sitter has a landline phone number where you can be reached. Cell phones can be unreliable in an emergency.
  2. Provide the pet sitter with a house key in addition to garage door openers. If the power goes out, we want to be able to reach your pet.
  3. If you have new keys made, try them out to make sure they work. Often, they do not.
  4. Check your key before giving it to a sitter.
  5. Clean your pet’s food and water dishes before leaving town.
  6. Provide extra food, litter and other supplies just in case you’re not able to return when planned.
  7. Clean out the refrigerator of anything that will perish during the time you are away.
  8. Empty the sink of dirty dishes. Your sitter will need a clean sink to wash food and water bowls.
  9. Adjust the thermostat to keep the house comfortable for the pet during your absence.
  10. Leave a list of phone numbers in case the pet sitter needs to contact service or maintenance companies while you are away such as the plumber, electrician, cleaning service, yard maintenance & pool service.
  11. Tell the pet sitter of any household areas that are off-limits to your pets or to the pet sitter.
  12. Leave out in plain view all foods and medications to be administered.
  13. Make sure pets are tagged and collared and dog leashes are in plain view.
  14. Affix both the telephone numbers where you can be reached during your trip and the veterinarian’s telephone number on your kitchen refrigerator.
  15. Write out the specific locations for the water and gas main shut off valves, as well as the main circuit breaker location in your home. Leave this information on the kitchen counter for your pet sitter.
  16. Leave a personal item from the laundry hamper in your pet’s sleeping area (shirt, hanky, etc.)
  17. If your pet is dirty, bathe your pet before departing, please. Pet sitters are more likely to cuddle with your pet if s/he is clean.
  18. Please, lift up off the floor and remove any chemicals or solvents, etc. that your pet could get into. We cannot be held responsible for any illness or death associated with a pet’s tampering with these products if you leave them within reach of your pet.

For the rest of the information, please download and complete the entire document HERE!